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Courage Recovery, Addiction Recovery Self-Care

Hey there, I’m Roger L'Hereault

In 2016, after years of counseling a wide range of clients ages 12 to 88, I was struck with an epiphany. It was a moment that shed light on the predictable patterns & pitfalls of addiction that weren't improving in the healthcare system. The years and the faces had changed but these recovery knowledge gaps remained! I was energized, and frankly angry enough, to do something about it and Courage Recovery started in that moment of heartbreak and clarity.

I've developed the SRCH Framework to help bridge that knowledge gap for people whether they have one day or one decade clean and sober. Learning the fundamentals and crafting a holistic relapse prevention plan is a huge part of that overall bridge. I encourage you to invest in your recovery today and look forward to seeing how resilience building transforms your life!

Roger L'Hereault CADC-II, Addiction Recovery Educator

Roger L'Hereault, CADC-II, Addiction Recovery Educator

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Substance Use Disorders leave Holistic Harm.

That's why our coaching is all about Holistic Healing.

Just imagine if you could...

  • Actually feel excited to start your day because you've learned how to shift into letting go of anxieties and letting in solutions
  • Have a plan of action to handle whatever life puts in front of you leaving less moments of confusion and more confidence
  • Live from a place of value, self-worth and belonging more days of the week with practical ways to counter feelings of shame or depression
  • Take courageous well-practiced actions so that you respond to uncomfortable feelings instead of reacting to them
  • Experience more accomplishments simply because you had less sabotage blocking your progress
  • Never wonder again if your patchwork of coping tools and experiences are enough to make it to long-term sobriety

A growing anxiety struggle is a symptom of a vulnerable recovery

Will your next 12 months bring the change you need?

I wish effort and intention were enough but they just aren't unfortunately. If you want to feel more calm and capable in the next 12 months and are open to adapting a holistic strategy to your life then I encourage you to Apply Today.


Recommended by Peer Professionals

"Roger has vision, is a visionary and is a natural teacher. He wants to share his knowledge to help people improve and soar."

-Morgan Parker

Operations Manager

Visions Treatment Centers

"Roger L'Hereault understands and gains trust through empathy, consistency and reliability. Roger has a gift that enables him to easily establish a sense of safety and hopefulness."

-Susan Lynch Chernack

Art Facilitator for Residential Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centers

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between SRCH and Resilience Coaching?

SRCH is a 3 month one to one coaching experience and Resilience is a more intensive 6 months span of time but the differences are much more than that. Your personal preference, life goals that hang in the balance, past history and personality should all be reflected on while considering which is right for you.

SRCH is our comprehensive, signature one to one coaching package. It's based on our SRCH Framework, which is the holistic healing method supporting all that we teach! Your mind-body-spiritual damage from past addiction and any resulting life wreckage is targeted to your specific needs and life goals. By the end of our time together, your own holistic strategy will be in place designed by you, for you.

Resilience Coaching is a more intense, accelerated one to one experience. It's designed to bring out break throughs and spark deeper insights within the first 30 days followed by steady implementation and expert-level accountability to lock in your discoveries and transformation.

Is this 12 Step based?

Courage Recovery was founded and strives to teach universal fundamentals. The 12 steps are compatible with these fundamentals but this is not a 12-Step based learning method. It's designed deliberately with an inclusive style to build bridges of growth and healing for people from any recovery point of view. In other words, Got God? Great. Atheist? No problem. Work the steps? Awesome. Will never touch the steps? Cool. You do what feels right for you.

A universal approach was hard as hell to design but there are way too many barriers to recovery success in the current healthcare system and in some social circles too. I want more bridges and less barriers for recovery success out in the world. Our SRCH Framework is the best bridge I know of.

How quickly can I expect results?

Results vary from one person to another. Holistic harm, as a core aspect of addiction, puts different road blocks and vulnerabilities in each person's path. You get what you put in though. It's very possible to reduce emotional triggers and find more moments of peace in each day within a few days! We teach resilience so the relief that comes from that builds over time with moments of triumph along the way.

What if I get stuck—Can I get help?

Support comes in numerous ways for either coaching package. You'll have training calls, implementation & accountability calls, a 5 day per week email Help Desk and even a floating 2 hour Office Hours block of time via Voxer each month!

Founder and coach, Roger L'Hereault, can be reached at:

DM on IG @Courage_Recovery

Do I have to already be abstinent from drugs and/or alcohol to use this coaching?

The short answer, Yes, this is for people who are already in recovery a minimum of 30 days and are looking for a way to enjoy life, live to their potential & prevent relapse.

The coaching is designed to help the most people with the biggest recovery knowledge gaps which means it's ideal for anyone who falls between 30 days and 10 years clean and sober. That's a lot of folks! That said, it's not a good fit for people who happen to be abstinent but aren't willing to do work on themselves to keep it that way.

People who truly have a Substance Use Disorder with less that 30 days(often 90 days) need face to face treatment of some kind from what I've witnessed over the last 2 decades in the field.

In very early recovery the body, mind and spirit can be badly damaged(like liver damage, severe depression, malnourishment)and it is much safer and wiser to have some kind of face to face treatment.

That could look like : 12 Step Fellowships, residential treatment("rehab"), outpatient, MD, therapist, addiction counselor, spiritual leader, etc.

Also this is not medical advice and Courage Recovery is an education company only. Please seek care if you are in medical need.